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    Causes and Treatment
    Tooth discolouration is something that virtually everyone will encounter during their lives, it’s difficult to avoid really. Your mouth goes through so much in an average day that there is bound to be a cumulative effect and there is bound to be a gradual staining that occurs.

    If you’re suffering from discolouration of your teeth you may well want to think about tooth-whitening as an option to solve the problem. We see white teeth everywhere in the media these days, and they’re always associated with images relating to health and beauty, so it’s little wonder that white teeth are a hot topic.

    But, while whitening your teeth is a practical way to reach your goal, doing so will be utterly pointless if you don’t know the main culprits of most tooth discolouration. After all, what’s the point in getting them whitened if you’re just going to end up staining them again?

    So, if you’re suffering from tooth discolouration have a look at these prime causal candidates.

    Arguably the big one, there’s hardly anyone on the planet who doesn’t know the effect that smoking will have on your body, and your teeth are no exception. All of the noxious substances in cigarettes are inhaled through your mouth, and they will stain your teeth.

    Certain Foods – There are some foods that you’re likely eating that will have an effect on the colour of your teeth. Unhealthy things like soft drinks (particularly cola), red wine and coffee are well known candidates, but even seemingly more healthy things like tea as well as selected fruits and vegetables can stain your teeth.

    Dental Hygiene
    It’ll come as a shock to nobody, but let’s say it anyway to make sure. Not brushing your teeth regularly will cause your teeth to become discoloured as leftover food will be left hanging around in your mouth coating your teeth. It seems like a simple point, and it is, but it’s a highly necessary one. If you brush twice a day, at least, and you brush properly then you should not be experiencing particularly noticeable discolouration.

    From our water supply to selected toothpastes and mouthwashes we’re always being told that fluoride is a good thing. And it is, but, not in excessive quantities and if you’re experience a high intake of fluoride then that is likely a prime contributing factor to your teeth discolouration.

    Teeth discolouration is something that is not to be taken too lightly as it can have a powerful reaction on the wellbeing of the person suffering from it. A feeling of overwhelming self consciousness about the appearance of one’s teeth can lead to massive problems for a person and may even inspire depression.

    As always, if you’re worried about teeth discolouration or you would like more personal advice about what to do if you are suffering from it then please visit your dentist who will be able to provide you with advice and a plan to taking care of your concerns.