• Tooth whitening

    Here are our top FAQ’s as asked by our customers about teeth whitening in Newcastle.

    What exactly is Teeth Whitening?

    Teeth whitening is a very effective way of making your teeth lighter without affecting the outer surface, so ensuring your teeth remain in great condition. It will make your teeth look lighter and brighter.

    Why do I need to get my Teeth Whitened?

     Basically, you would want to get your teeth whitened because it would make you look fresher, your smile is often the first thing people would look at and make an instant opinion based on your smile. So it is important to a lot of people to make a good first impression. And it is a proven fact, white teeth are more attractive and make a statement about you.

    Not many people have lovely white teeth and as we age, our teeth do get discoloured and stained, mainly through food and drink and smoking. Coffee, red wine, tea and fruit drinks like blackcurrant can stain your teeth.

    What is involved in Teeth Whitening?

    The most important consideration here is to get professional advice from your dentist. They will assess your suitability and help you understand more about the process.

    Professional teeth bleaching is the normal process to get your teeth whiter; a lighter shade. A gel or shield made of rubber is applied to your gums for protection. And following that the teeth whitening is applied to your teeth via a tray that goes into your mouth and your teeth fit into the tray.

    There is a special ingredient that as it breaks down it allows oxygen to get onto the enamel which turns each tooth whiter.

    What is the cost of Teeth Whitening?

    The charges will depend on the teeth whitening treatment you decide on and whereabouts in the country you are as each area usually differs. Bleaching by a professional dental practitioner as described here is cheaper than laser whitening. Make sure you get an estimate in writing before you begin anything.

    Here we have a set charge for 1 and discounted for more, give us a call or fill in the form for a quote.

    Do whitening toothpastes make a difference? 

    These toothpastes may work at stain removal, but they do not make your teeth whiter. But if they are used after your treatment they may assist in keeping your whiter teeth whiter for longer.

    Can a tooth that has been root filled get whiter?

    Yes because the whitening process can work from the inside of the tooth. Teeth that are root filled are essentially dead and can be yellower. So it is important to address these teeth as well or the overall effect will be affected.

    Are there any case when teeth whitening doesn’t work?

    The whitening of teeth actually makes your teeth become whiter in varying shade, dependent on the active ingredient used and the amount of times it is applied. And the whiteness also depends on the colour of your teeth to begin with.

    Importantly it doesn’t work on dentures, veneers or crowns. Ask your dentist for advice on how to get your dentures, veneers and crowns whiter.

    After the treatment, how long does it last? 

    This varies from one individual to another but can last between 2 and 3 years. Your beautiful new bright smile will not last as long if you eat or drink the sort of foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. As with everything to do with your teeth, your dentist can help you understand this better.

    Are there side effects?

    Most symptoms normally disappear in a couple of days after the procedure. Some of these symptoms are tooth sensitivity to cold, a sore throat and gum soreness. There isn’t anything to be concerned about but it is important you understand this and again your dentist can advise you on the side effects. And your dentist can advise you if any of these symptoms occur after the treatment.

    Do home whitening kits work?

    The effectiveness of these whitening kits you can apply yourself at home would depend on how much of the active whitening ingredient was in the kit. As ever, you get what you pay for. These hoe kits come in strips or gel you can apply yourself.

    These kits are regulated and some of them are not at all worth the money or effort as they do not have enough active whitening ingredients to make a difference.

    Our advice is to consult your dentist before you purchase these kits as your dentist understands exactly what products work and what products do not.

    After my treatment, how do I keep them white?

    Firstly consider what you eat and drink, because simply put, it’s the food and drink that stains your teeth mainly, so cut down on red wine, coffee, tea, blackcurrant.

    And here’s another good reason to stop smoking, it really does stain your teeth, so cut down or stop and as you know that probably is a good idea anyway.

    The 3 tips here will help you:-

    1.    Get to your dentist frequently, they will tell you how frequent. This will often prevent issues and keep your teeth healthy.

    2.    Try to remove or reduce food and drink that has a lot of sugar in.

    3.    Use a fluoride toothpaste and clean your teeth twice a day, once before bed.

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