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    A Healthy Smile

    4 Tips for Healthy and White Teeth!
    White teeth, something of a beauty standard for many people and something that an awful lot of people are willing to pay a great deal of money for, but before you consider expensive treatment there are some things you can do to help keep your teeth in tip-top condition and make sure you know how to keep them sparkling.

    After all, what good is getting them whitened if you’re just going to stain them?

    So let’s get to it and examine these tips!

    A White Teeth Diet
    Naturally that doesn’t mean you’re going to be feasting on bowls of pearly-whites for breakfast. What it does mean is modifying your diet of all things that can have an impact on staining your teeth. A simple rule of thumb is; if it’s dark before you put it in your mouth, the chances are it’ll darken your teeth.

    Cigarettes, coffee and soft drinks are well known culprits, but red wine, dark juices and black tea are all troublemakers too, so if you really want those white teeth you’ll have to start thinking before quaffing.

    An Apple a Day
    Apples are known as nature’s toothbrush, and indeed crunchy foods in general can have a great deal of positive impact when it comes to keeping your teeth clean. Things like raw carrots are also excellent as well. Naturally you should brush your teeth after every meal but if you know you won’t be able to, eating these foods will help.

    Also, gargle with apple cider vinegar every single day before brushing your teeth. It will help kill any bacteria in your mouth, remove stains and further whiten your teeth.

    Keep Fresh
    An unhealthy mouth will make your breath start to smell, and you’re sure to notice it, so a breath mint is a great option to help. A good mouthwash will also do the power of good, so make sure you shop around to find yourself a good brand.

    You should only be using an alcohol-free mouthwash too as many brands you’ll find over the counter put far too much alcohol in them. You may think this is a sure way to kill bacteria, but it’s not so, as the alcohol will dry out your mouth making you more vulnerable to it.  

    Brush Twice a Day!
    Everyone is used to this being drilled into them from their dentist, but the simple fact is it is good solid advice. You’re going to want to be brushing off any plaque and bacteria that has been building up through the night first thing in the morning. And as for night, saliva dries up at night and seeing as it offers a defence against plaque settling it is wise to brush it all off before bed.

    But of course, if you’re looking for more detailed tips and tricks, or to further improve the appearance of your teeth, please don’t hesitate in making an appointment with your dentist today, so they can offer you specific advice best suited to you.

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