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    Reading about how much we care is great but nothing can compare to experiencing our care and warmth in person. Of course you can call to make an appointment but you can also call for general inquiries.

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    We know how daunting the potential of going to a dentist can be so regardless of the question we want to supply you with the answer because you are our number one priority. As long time proprietors in the Newcastle area we have a vested interest in making our neighbours feel welcome and cared for. 

    The best way to begin this process is for you to contact us. We have a warm and understanding person waiting to take your call during business hours. If you happen to contact us when no one is available rest assured that we will answer your query as soon as possible with the same caring professionalism we have become known for.

    We also welcome the feedback of those clients who have already experienced all that we have to offer. The best way we know to grow and improve is through the honest reviews of those who have utilised our services. We continue to serve the Newcastle area because kind neighbours tell their friends that we are the best. Truth be told we like to here it, too. And as we do the nice teeth part, the whitening and not the removals.

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