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    A Brighter Smile

    Take Good Care Of Your Gums, Here’s How!

    Gum disease is absolutely running rampant amongst the population of numerous countries the world over, and it isn’t merely a matter of the unappealing look of bloody and red gums that you should be worried about.

    Gum disease carries with it a risk of developing a whole range of other diseases and has been linked to an increased risk of developing heart problems, so it’s not only a bright smile that makes it worth keeping your gums healthy, it’s a matter of staying healthy too.

    Wash That Mouth Out!
    Gargling with a natural mouthwash is a great way to maintain the health of your gums and to make sure that you’re not at any sort of risk of developing gum disease. Rinse out your mouth first thing in the morning and last thing at night, giving a good long gargle with the mouthwash.

    Be wary of simply grabbing a random bottle off the shelf at your local grocery store however, as many mouthwashes contain too much alcohol and too much fluoride, which will dry out your gums and in fact increase your risk of developing gum disease. Speak to your dentist about natural mouthwashes to maintain healthy gums and find out what they recommend for you.

    The foods you eat will have an impact on the health of your gums, so, take note of the following foods and make sure you’re eating them regularly. They’re not only part of a healthy lifestyle, but, also will improve the health of your gums.

    • Leafy Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Whole Grains, Organic Lean Meats are a vital part of any leafy diet and you’ll soon see the effect that eating them regularly will have on your gums. 
    • Omega 3, found in Flaxseed and Fish Oil is also a fantastic way to help keep your gums healthy and disease free. 
    • Learning to ignore a sweet tooth will also have a profound effect. The effects of too much sugar on your teeth are well known, but, it will have a strong impact on your gums too, so reduce your sugar intake to help make sure your gums remain healthy. 
    • Acidic foods are also a key group to avoid as they will do nothing but irritate your gums and teeth, so do your best to avoid them, particularly if you’re already suffering from gum disease.

    See Your Dentist
    Making sure you’re regularly making appointments and visiting your dentist and hygienist is a vital way of making your gums and teeth are remaining healthy. They’ll be able to give you factual advice about the state of your teeth so you know where you stand, and they’ll be able to offer solutions to any issues you may have.

    Everyone knows the feeling of listening to a lecture by a stern looking dental hygienist, but, the simple fact is they’re speaking the truth, so try your best to take on board what’s being said as it’s in your own interest.