Whether it’s a graduation party, a college reunion, or perhaps a Hen Party  understanding limousine decorum is crucial, if you want to enjoy a smooth and hitch-free ride. If you’ve got a very large group of people and you’re looking to cheer up your night, a limo hire is a perfect choice for your party! We understand that sometimes having too much fun can be harmful to you, your guests, and of course, the driver’s safety. To avoid any such embarrassment, it’s very crucial that you keep yourself abreast with proper party bus decorum while planning to go out on a loud and rowdy night with lots of laughs, shouts, and fun.

Before embarking on your greatest ride in a limousine, it’s crucial that you understand exactly how you and your party should act before planning and confirming your limo hire. Once you’ve booked your party, and time for the party is reserved, your professional driver should be on his way to pick you up for the party. Once you get inside the limousine, knowing and observing proper etiquette will ensure a hitch-free ride. With movies, couches and plenty of space to spare, keeping it elegant and stylish will ease the nerves of your driver while you and your friend are having the moment of your lives! To make sure this happens, let’s see how you can make that happen.


Proper Etiquette Is Important

Before going any further, let’s remind us of the need for proper etiquette. Although party limos do allow for alcohol consumption (if you show proof of age), it’s important that you remain calm while in the vehicle to avoid unnecessary attention. Getting a little bit over yourself and consuming too much alcohol before your arrival can cut short your ride, and probably your life. We are not saying you shouldn’t have as fun as possible; by all means, go wild! But don’t allow your excitement get to the point where a possible lack of judgment on your part, lands you in a street corner. Riding in a hired limo requires that you show decorum and respect too.


Knowing The Size Of Your Party

Now that we are aware the importance of proper etiquette, we will now go into areas where decorum should be observed. The first area is knowing exactly how many people will be attending your limo party. Knowing how many people that will be attending your party allows you, and the limo rental company to make proper plans for the amenities and limousine size/seating that is needed for your party. It’s important you confirm and re-confirm the size of your party before making reservations, as unconfirmed size may lead to complications and eventually ruin your party. I’m sure you don’t want that.


When Arriving, Remain Seated

It is the duty of your limousine driver to a stop and ensures everyone is escorted out of the passenger compartment. Don’t rush: when you finally reach your destination, make sure you and your guests remain seated until the back door is opened by the driver and then help everyone out of the car- that’s the right and proper thing to do. If you want to stay safe, follow the driver’s instructions!


Don’t Bother The Driver To Speed Up

Every limo hire company has trained professional drivers who are taught to always obey all state-regulated traffic laws. It’s not proper to bribe your limo driver, or shout at them to speed up – this is very rude and unprofessional. In simple terms, your limo driver is not going to speed up just because you say so. There are rules that they must adhere to while on the road, and you also have rules to follow as passengers in their car. Make sure you respect and trust that your driver will get you to your destination on time for your party.


Breaking The Law Is Not Proper

It is against the law for a minor to consume alcohol. Party buses are meant to be the perfect environment for you to get in the party mood, and keeps you dancing and grooving until you get to your destination. Taking a little risk a bringing alcohol into the limo will definitely leave you serious trouble that could lead to you being fined. To avoid this, it is better you maintain decorum and observe all rules and regulations while in your hired limo. Make sure you hire a good limo company, limo hire Nottingham are very good.